All about Art Deco

March 15th, 2008

Art Deco Items

When it comes to design icon’s you don’t find more synonymous with furniture and architecture than . Almost every city in the uk has some art deco architecture (not the newer ones) and you cant go in any big house without seeing some art deco furniture or art deco inspired design stuff.

Doctor Boo!! (Who?)

March 4th, 2008

Dr Who

With Great Science fiction comes great collectables and doctor who is no different. You can get some really original and different dr who collectables, from remote control daleks to more ordinary dr who collectables such as doctor who trading cards and signed dr who autographs. Doctor who is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world!!!

We recommend Dr Who, too anyone who is just getting into sci-fi television – its some of the best ever made and doesn’t get much better or simpler than dr.who.

Lord of the Things (lol)

March 3rd, 2008

“Noted as one of the biggest film trilogies to hit the cinemas in recent years Lord of the Rings has become one of the world’s largest fictional stories, covering almost the whole world with written and film versions. The Fellowship of the ring, The Two Towers and the Return of the king, 3 fantastic films that brought the incredible story told by Tolkien into the mainstream. Almost everyone know understands what Hobbit feet are and often the phrase “my preciooouss” is mimicked. The one ring featured in the LOTR films has been reproduced in gold and sold well along with the other LOTR memorabilia and collectables such as Lord of the Rings weapons, DVDs, masks, autographs, props, games, toys and even skateboards!

Collectables Recap 2.0

February 3rd, 2008

Banksy Does Art


A few days ago I gave you a recap on some of the more popular collectable items available on collectables now, now you lucky people get a second antique item recap!If you are a music lover we highly recommend our rare guitars sale section, which has some fine guitars made by master craftsman.

Maybe your not a musical maestro? what about an amateaur art collector? Well we have something special for you – the fine graffiti artwork of banksy for sale, you cant say more contemporary than a guy from bristol with a skilled intellect and a good spray of paint?

Perhaps neither of these applies to you – if so we recommend trying one of these antique/collectables: Rolf Harris Art – “tie my kangaroo down sport” – James Bond Collectables – From futuristic film props to replica 007 pistols – well if we still haven’t got something you like the sound of you better read on…

Collect Recap

February 1st, 2008

Antiques Recap

Just to go over some of the huge quantities of collectible items we have covered in the last few months heres an antique recap!

Collectable Autographs – Cool way to support your favourite movie star or sports person

Rare Coins For Sale – Pretty awesome collectable, coins hold value regardless of the economy, especially gold coins!

Art Nouveau Stuff - If you have a flair for fauna and you like design era’s then theres nothing like a good Art nouveau antique item, most popularly art nouveau furniture but theres a range of stuff available.

What would you like to see make it onto collectables-Now? Have your say with !

Random Collectables

January 29th, 2008

Are you bored?

Are You bored? well why not try out our random collectables generator. You just click random collectables and it will shuffle you off to a collectable, antique or memorabilia item at random. Perhaps you want to start a new collection but have no idea what you would like to collect? perhaps your just bored and want to buy something cool of the net? Well either way collectables now has the answer, just click our random collectables generator and see what your next collection will be!

Rolf Harris – God of Art?

January 20th, 2008

Rolf Harris Artwork

Most of us here in the uk grew up watching Rolf Harris on tv, with his amazing television shows about art and shows like animal hospital. If you didn’t you should check out some Rolf Harris Art because its very very good. He is a skilled artist and a funny, genuine man. We have added Rolf Harris Art for sale to collectables now, to make it easier to find artwork by Rolf for sale in uk auctions. Its just designed to make us all be able to find a bit of Rolf Harris for our wall! Gday Mate :D

Art Nouveau Items – Sale!!

January 19th, 2008

Art Nouveau Items

Known around the world as the design and style movement that made a considerable effect on the art culture. Many architects, artists and designers adopted art nouveau styles and during the period just after 1880 a lot of art nouveau items were designed and built, something we should appreciate today as we now have another great collectable to enjoy! You can see a whole lot of art nouveau items for sale on our collectable Art Nouveau Pages now!!!

Antique Furniture – Better than New?

January 17th, 2008

Antique Furniture Sale

It is nice to have antique items around your house, thier age reminds you of history and how things change so quickly. Often antique furniture is a prime example of how things can be made to last – you can purchase some pieces of antique furniture that are over 200 years old and still going strong. But not everyone can afford such fantastic furniture! At auction you can however find excellent examples of older furniture and fittings that are of durable excellent quality at a similar price to new but lesser quality furniture. Personally with furniture I think secondhand is great if its a good solid quality piece. You can find a whole range of different antique furniture styles in the so named section of collectables now – just click the antique chair!!!

Dr Who – The Ultimate Sci Fi?

January 16th, 2008

Dr Who Collectables

Is David Tennant your favourite Dr who or did you prefer the previous doctor? Which sidekick did you think best complimented the time lord? If you understand these questions chances are you are a dr who fan, or at have least seen one of the 100′s of episodes created since 1963. Dr who is officially the longest running sci fi series in the world – a title that proves something! If you are a dr who fan then check out our latest dr who collectables section, theres a ton of dr who goodies in there from first edition dr who novels to dr who autographs – the time is now!