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Random Collectables

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Are you bored?

Are You bored? well why not try out our random collectables generator. You just click random collectables and it will shuffle you off to a collectable, antique or memorabilia item at random. Perhaps you want to start a new collection but have no idea what you would like to collect? perhaps your just bored and want to buy something cool of the net? Well either way collectables now has the answer, just click our random collectables generator and see what your next collection will be!

Rocks and Fossils

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Rocks and FossilsAnother one of the more quirky collectables out there – rocks and fossils make up a fairly major group of collectable minerals. Otherwise known as gemstone and fossil collectors, people can spend a lifetime perfecting their rock collection and it is not unheard of for valuable fossils to claim auction prices well into the millions. This category (added today to collectables-now) offers an interesting cross section between some dinosaur fossils and some amazing gemstones for sale – its a great category to take a quick look at! So if it sounds like your sort of thing – collecting rocks and fossils then the rocks and fossils for sale section is especially for you!