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Collectables Recap 2.0

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Banksy Does Art


A few days ago I gave you a recap on some of the more popular collectable items available on collectables now, now you lucky people get a second antique item recap!If you are a music lover we highly recommend our rare guitars sale section, which has some fine guitars made by master craftsman.

Maybe your not a musical maestro? what about an amateaur art collector? Well we have something special for you – the fine graffiti artwork of banksy for sale, you cant say more contemporary than a guy from bristol with a skilled intellect and a good spray of paint?

Perhaps neither of these applies to you – if so we recommend trying one of these antique/collectables: Rolf Harris Art – “tie my kangaroo down sport” – James Bond Collectables – From futuristic film props to replica 007 pistols – well if we still haven’t got something you like the sound of you better read on…

Collect Recap

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Antiques Recap

Just to go over some of the huge quantities of collectible items we have covered in the last few months heres an antique recap!

Collectable Autographs – Cool way to support your favourite movie star or sports person

Rare Coins For Sale – Pretty awesome collectable, coins hold value regardless of the economy, especially gold coins!

Art Nouveau Stuff - If you have a flair for fauna and you like design era’s then theres nothing like a good Art nouveau antique item, most popularly art nouveau furniture but theres a range of stuff available.

What would you like to see make it onto collectables-Now? Have your say with !